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Monday, June 17, 2013


دبلومة تقويم الاسنان بخمس حالات عملي على مرضى ستبدأ بمبنى المجلس العربي للدراسات العليا والبحث العلمي بجامعة القاهره   بتخفيض 5000 جنيه يمكنك الحصول عليها من اي مكان في العالم عن طريق نظام الاون لاين مع د/محمد حلمي الحاصل على دكتوراه في تقويم الاسنان

Diploma from phoenix academy for medical science Certified from:

1-Egyptian Foreign Ministry.
2-Cairo University.
3-Embassy of UK.
4-KSA Ministry of Higher Education(with contract in KSA only).
5-Arab League (Supreme Council of Culture & Education).
6-Embassies of All Countries.
7-Available to be Accredited at British Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
8-Arab Council for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research.
9-Academy of Scientific Research.
10-Royal British Council for Quality Accreditation (RBCQA).
11-Arab Universities Federation.

Diploma director:
Mohamed Helmy Saleh
You can see Dr ahmed C.V on this link:

Diploma type:
- Classroom and On-Line
You can study from anywhere in the world via the Online System but you must attend practical.
the online lectures are alive transmission of lectures at the same time as the center with enabling the participant to communicate with the lecturer by chat or voice during the lecture and also receiving video records of lectures on the next day of the lecture.
We send books by express mail to students who are studying in the online system inside and outside Egypt.

one year, 24 lectures , two lectures per month, 4 hour per lecture

Diploma Outline:
Part1 : Normal Occlusion
• Introduction of Growth of the Face.
• Development of Dental Occlusion.
• Dental Arch Development.

Part 2:Classification of Malocclusion.

Part 3 : Etiology Of Malocclusion.

Part 4: Getting started: Records, Examination and Structured diagnosis - Hands-on: ceph tracing and examination

• Your orthopedic office systems
• The orthodontic examination, including muscle palpations
• The orthodontic patient
o The airway and its impact on childhood, growth and development, health, orthodontic treatment and adulthood
o Esthetics
• Gathering orthodontic records
• Cephalometric tracing
• Ricketts ceph analysis
• Your cases

Part 5: Diagnosis, treatment planning and beginning treatment - Mechanics: bracketing on models, looped arch wire
• Treatment planning and clinical considerations
o Review of "points and planes" measurements
o Skeletal classification and face typing
o Convexity in the frontal dimension
o Skeletal age vs. chronological age
o Airway and posture
o Profile and facial pattern
o Dental classification
o Problem analysis
• Mega concepts
o Class I, Class II, Class III
o Skeletal vs. dental problems
o Facial type and impact on treatment
o Extraction vs. non-extraction treatment
• Bracketing teeth
o Placement
o Sequence
o Bracketing cements
• Typodonts:
o Crowding treatment mechanics - Looped arch wire
• Your cases

Part 6: Case selection, Class I treatment, limited primary and transitional dentition treatment, transverse discrepancies - Mechanics: sectional, utility, and full arch wires
• Case selection - focus on Cl I crowded and mild Cl II
• Expansion . Maxillary Expanding Appliances
• Primary and transitional dentition treatment
o Phasing treatment . Phase I and Phase II
o Habits
o Crossbites
o The young Class III patient: Chin sling and facemask treatments
o When to consider extractions of primary canines: making your life easier, your patients. lives better and reducing risk of canine impactions
• Typodonts
o full arch straight wire
o Wire bending: sectionals and Utility Arch Wires
• Your cases

Part 7: Understanding mechanics; early development of joints and occlusion, inter-arch A-P discrepancies, vertical discrepancies - Mechanics: distalizing cuspids, closing spaces
• Isolating MX vs MD etiologies
• Class I tx
• Class II tx
• Challenges in mechanics:
o Anchorage
o Friction
o Deepbites and biteplates
o Distalizing molars
• Typodonts: canine retraction and contraction utilities
• Your cases

Part 8: Detailing the case and Retention - Mechanics: detailing wire, closing wire
• Case finishing and detailing
o Root angulation - panoramic radiograph
• Retention
o Retainer designs
o Use of retainers
• Typodonts
o Detailing wire
o Closing wire
• Your cases


Cast Modeling
Photographing " types of photographs - techniques - Instuments for professional photographing "
Information Analysis and Classifications

Cephalometric analysis " Techniques - Instruments "
Advanced computer programs in Orthodontics.

Cast Analysis " techniques - Instruments "

Banding and Bracketing " techniques - Instruments - Materials -recent methods "

cases + Treatment planning.

For register & Details:

Diploma Fees:

- For Egyptians:
( 19,500LE ( Can be paid in six installments.

- For non Egyptian:
3,800$Including Hotel Reservation.
( Can be paid in six installments ).

We can provide airline tickets for those coming from outside Egypt.


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